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International Languages

Program Type


Program Duration

2 Years

Program Intake

Intake in Progress

Program Description

Course Objectives:

This program provides students with a body of knowledge and skills that will:

Prepare them to be responsive to the rapidly changing world and which is also relevant to the needs of their diverse future professional undertakings.

Provide them with proficiency in the four language skills: (Speaking, Listening, Reading and writing).

Increase their employment opportunities through elimination of the language barriers. (Spanish, French, German, Italian, English, Japanese, Chinese-Mandarin- and Arabic.


Course Duration:

Elementary Level​​. 6 months

Intermediate Level​​. 6 months

Advanced Level​​. 6 months

Diploma Level. 6 months after Advanced Level

Study Areas

Level 1: Elementary Level

Introduction & Pronunciation:

This is my family


Describing people


This is my country

Professional life

Day to day life


Level 2: Intermediate Level

Talking about the past.

Talking about the future.

Health and the environment.

Making reservations.

Obtaining services.

Eating out.

Talking about plans and intentions.

Expressing condition

Travel and holiday

Strong negation

Past action within another

Progressive tenses


Level 3: Advanced Level

The present participle.

Compound tenses.

Relative pronouns.

The passive voice.

Reflexive expressions.

The simple past.

Idioms introduced by prepositions.

The present subjunctive.

Other verbal idioms.

The perfect subjunctive.

Entry Requirements

Career Opportunities

In the tourism industry.

In international organizations.

In Diplomatic Missions.

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