Course Duration

-Elementary Level​​. 6 months

-Intermediate Level​​. 6 months

-Advanced Level​​. 6 months

-Diploma Level. 6 months after Advanced Level

Course Objectives

This program provide students with a body of knowledge and skills that will:

-Prepare them to be responsive to the rapidly changing world and which is also relevant to the needs of their diverse future professional undertakings.

-Provide them with proficiency in the four language skills: (Speaking, Listening, Reading and writing)

-Increase their employment opportunities through elimination of the language barriers. (Spanish, French, German, Italian, English, Japanese, Chinese-Mandarin- and Arabic

Course Outline

Level 1: Elementary Level

Introduction & Pronunciation

-This is my family


-Describing people


-This is my country

-Professional life

-Day to day life

Level 2: Intermediate Level

-Talking about the past.

-Talking about the future.

-Health and the environment.

-Making reservations.

-Obtaining services.

-Eating out.

-Talking about plans and intentions.

-Expressing condition 

-Travel and holiday

-Strong negation

-Past action within another

-Progressive tenses

Level 3: Advanced Level

-The present participle.

-Compound tenses.

-Relative pronouns.

-The passive voice.

-Reflexive expressions.

-The simple past.

-Idioms introduced by prepositions.

-The present subjunctive.

-Other verbal idioms.

-The perfect subjunctive.

Career Opportunities

-In the tourism industry

-In international organizations

-In Diplomatic Missions


Examination Body

The Institute of Commercial Management (ICM), UK